4 Restaurant Technology Trends You Need in 2019

With more than one million restaurants, battling it out, finding new and innovative ways to increase revenues, reduce operating costs and enhance the overall quality of the guest experience is top of mind for most restaurant operators. For them, the challenges loom large.

The good news is that many of the challenges can be effectively addressed with a new breed of specialized technology solutions.

You could be missing out on many benefits if these trends aren’t yet on your operation’s menu. Restaurant operators say using technology improves productivity, increases sales and provides a competitive edge.

Here are top four restaurant technology trends that demand attention from restaurateurs of all stripes in the coming year, gleaned from the latest industry research.

  • Pre-order dine-in

Here look at one of the best innovation for restaurants, pre-order dine-in technology that brings online sales & makes guests happier. Pre-order din-in feature is pretty much about creating a digital connection between restaurants & guests.  

The customer can use a food pre-order feature to buy time and avoid sitting in a queue, whereas restaurants can also make a profit by selling food in advance.  It’s a win-win because it works out great for both parties.

  • Online Order

The previous way of food ordering through phone calls included many problems like the staff of the Restaurant should speak to the different people talking with different accents, and sometimes there would be the background disturbances. By all these activities, food ordering might go false. But now because of Order Online Food for Delivery, all the above difficulties are solved in a very robust manner.

Online orders improve efficiency by effectively eliminating order error. By giving the complete charge to consumers to place an order, you can streamline your operations & maximize the throughput. It also helps to cut down on the wait times.

  • Schedule Orders

Sometimes, convenience means being able to plan ahead, especially when order delivery time is crucial. Schedule orders are for those who not only love great meal but also want the assurance that it will be delivered to them on time.  It’s a quick, easy way to schedule an order.

Get your food on your schedule like never before!

  • Book a Table

It is not solely the owners & kitchen that benefits from “Book a Table” feature, but it also proves to be beneficial to customers by making the dining experience more convenient and enjoyable for them. By getting the guests seated as close to their time slot will certainly result in happy customers who will surely return next time too.

All of these technologies provide the opportunity for restaurants to capture mountains of guest data, either on an individual basis or in the aggregate.

And here one thing is clear – New technology trends exists to manage and enhance every milestone along the customer journey, from pre-order to online order to book a table, the process of turning new customers into regulars is scalable!