5 Mistakes To Be Avoided By The Food Delivery Apps In India

Gorging into your favorite cuisines has turned out to be easier these days. No matter if it’s raining cats and dogs outside, or the Sun is wreaking havoc with its harsh sunrays; one can still enjoy mouth-watering dishes while watching their favorite shows. All you have to do is use a food delivery app and place an order instantly. The use of restaurant billing software to take and process orders has added more smoothness to the entire business operations. It is one of the reasons why food delivery apps have been able to earn the trust of the restaurants.

On the other hand, the convenience of ordering food right from the comfort of one’s home is why people love using these apps. In the last few months, the competition among the food delivery apps in India has increased exponentially. If a new player wants to make their way into this market niche, they have to struggle quite a lot. But, it won’t be wrong to say that there are still many areas where even the well-established food delivery apps need to improve. The restaurant POS software used by them also needs to be smart and efficient. There are loopholes or mistakes these apps need to avoid if they want to improve their performance. Let’s point out a few of them.

Five mistakes that food delivery apps must stay away from

Mistake# 1: Listing just any restaurant, QSR, bar, and pub

It is understandable why food delivery apps want to add as many restaurants as they can. They want to expand their business. But, it should not come at the cost of their customers’ health. When it comes to on-boarding a restaurant, QSR (Quick Service Restaurant), food truck, or bar & pub, priority must be given on checking the hygiene part first. If the kitchen area where they prepare the food is not clean and hygienic, you are putting your customers’ health at risk.

Almost every food delivery app these days need to focus on ensuring cleanliness and hygiene. When they include a restaurant in the list of partner restaurants, the kitchen area needs to be inspected or audited properly. If the kitchen area and the restaurant clear the hygiene test, then only it should be incorporated into the list.

Mistake# 2: No proper inventory management

Before customers place an order, they usually spend a lot of time browsing the options. After spending a considerable amount of time, they finally zero down on something. So, if they end up selecting an item which is no longer available in your inventory, but still showing on your menu section, it will piss them off unlike anything else. To make sure your customers don’t have to face such a situation, you must choose a restaurant POS system that comes with inventory management feature.

It will keep you updated about the current status of your inventory. Based on the same, your restaurant’s menu will be updated. As soon as your restaurant’s inventory runs out of an item, it will be removed from the menu list immediately. In this way, you will not have to face an embarrassing situation. When you buy a restaurant billing software program, make sure it comes loaded with this particular feature.

Mistake# 3: No customer reviews/ratings

Reviews are always helpful for internet savvy customers, no matter if they are ordering food or buying a smartphone. When customers browse a food delivery app, they might feel confused about which restaurant or item to choose from the menu. After they are done choosing a restaurant, the next challenge they face is- which food item to order? So, there is no end to such confusions. But, if there is a review section where the customers can share their experiences, it can prove to be quite useful for others. Ratings and reviews provide customers with a lot of information regarding the food and service quality of the restaurants.

Mistake# 4: Poor packaging material

When customers order food from any restaurant, they expect it to be flavorsome and hygienic. Both of these aspects depend a lot on how the food has been packed. The packaging materials used for packing food items should be odorless. Most importantly, only food grade packaging materials must be used. The use of plastic containers for food packing has become common these days. But, not all plastic containers are suitable for storing food items, particularly if the food item is hot. Likewise, the use of tamper-proof tapes will make the package more secure. It will make customers feel more confident when ordering food from a mobile app.

Mistake# 5: Not delivering on-time

A hungry customer is always an impatient one. If you make them wait for too long, chances are quite high that they will not use your food delivery app again. It is better to provide an exact estimation of the delivery time rather than promising more than you can deliver. Even a pint of inefficiency in terms of on-time deliveries can mar down the image of your food delivery app. Besides having a smart restaurant management system, it is also crucial to incorporate an accurate live order tracking system.

So, those are some of the mistakes that most of the food delivery apps are making these days. All these mistakes are either directly or indirectly related to customer satisfaction. If the current players want to improve their performance, they have to focus on these areas. Plus, they must also implement the new breed of restaurant billing software to their business operations.