Food Serving Errors that Restaurants make

Serving good food is your priority as a restaurateur. Wondering if you are doing this aptly, still not able to bring in the customers or the estimated sales and profit at your restaurant? Well, it’s important to understand the channel of presentation from the inventory to the kitchen to ordering and serving. One loophole that can have devastating effects on a restaurant is – Inappropriate food ordering. So the circle starts incorrectly with the incorrect food order, hence, of course, a lapse of the dish presented to the customer. It’s important to understand the factors causing false food orders that end up creating havoc at your restaurant. We have listed down five essential reasons for incorrect food ordering –

 1. Miscommunication

Prime reasons for a wrong serving of food dishes at restaurants is a miscommunication from either the customer’s side or the waiter’s side. It’s important to converse in a language or medium that’s interpretable by both parties and hence a clarity in understanding. A re-check of the ordered dishes should also be initiated by the waiter and further approved by the customer.

 2. Incompetent Menu

Your restaurant’s menu might not give out the entire description of the dish to be served. This ends up creating confusion in what was expected vs. what was served. It’s always important to spell out details like spice levels, the nature of the dish, sugar levels, expected wait time etc. as a part of your menu details. An effective menu design can help in capturing customer’s tastes and preferences.  

 3. Human Error

Once in a while, your stars might just not be supporting you. With everything correct in your restaurant, it could be a human error that the chef or the waiter cooked and served the wrong dish or with a different taste. This could just be hard luck for the customer and the restaurateur too. It can be dealt with an apology and replacement of the dish.

 4. Kitchen Incompetency

Sometimes the kitchen is not well equipped to be able to cook and serve the ordered dish. The ingredients could have finished, the equipment could have failed or any other factors. These unforeseen issues should be reported prior and hereby the order variation should be shared with the customer.

 5. A substandard quality or quantity

 From the customer’s perspective, it is unacceptable to be served a dish that doesn’t meet the expected taste as per the name of the dish or also a quantity serving in regard to the price he is paying. Beyond being served the right dish, the customer has visited your restaurant and ordered a certain dish from the options available with an expectation. This fact needs to be understood and catered to with precision.


As a restaurateur, its mandatory all smaller issues are tweaked right at the bud so that they don’t blossom into larger issues affecting the name and sales of your restaurant. It’s also important that all the teams working at your restaurant should work in tandem with each other so the final presentation to the client is exceptional.