How Artificial Intelligence is helping Restaurants

The food industry is growing leaps and bounds both is quality and quantity. The latest technologies are always well versed and adopted within the food business. The hyped biggest technological innovation of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics is taken over all fraternities in businesses. Restaurant owners are well utilizing the pro’s of Artificial Intelligence in various segments within the business for ease and precision of the procedures followed.

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are aping human controls and modifying processes with technological precision, catering to various needs and options within the food business arena. We list down five of the aptest and successful segments in which Machine Intelligence can be used within your restaurant –

1. Virtual Assistants 

Imagine cloning you as a restaurant owner into multiple versions that could even serve better than your own version. Virtual assistants help in sales and marketing, customizing client orders based on taste preference, responding to customer inquiries and also robots that could help cook and serve food at your restaurant.

2. Recommendation engines 

Machine learning has proved its worth above and beyond in almost being trained or assigned to think like a human. Therefore, the analysis and recommendations artificial intelligence arrives at upon multiple data points within a restaurant are highly efficient. Engines can suggest your restaurant change in menu, pricing, possible walk-in customers to help plan on groceries, customer taste preferences, customer previous choices, table reservations, payment options et al.

3. Kiosks

Kiosk functions like a mini restaurant that is designed to help serve and cater customers in a jiffy. It not only cuts down on the wait time but also makes it a single point contact for a customer. It’s like a replacement of a traditional waiter, yet a lot more sophisticated and intricate in its approach. Apps that are synced within your mobile phone make it further easy to gather customer profile and help to serve a dish that perfectly suits your fondness and taste.

4. Analytic Solutions 

Predictive analysis gathers up data from multiple source points and compiles it down to vivid path-breaking results. Analytic solutions can help in forecasting customer walk-in’s, spending powder of customer, previous history of dining out, taste and quality liking, inventory management and restaurant management. The more customized a restaurant owner’s approach towards his client is, higher are the chances that he would be his loyal regular soon.

5. Hygiene 

Machines are equipped with sensors and cameras that help trace and diagnose any dirt and unhygienic practices within kitchen equipment and people working at the restaurant too. There are multiple options where machines can be used to clean up and sterilize kitchen and restaurant equipment. Even camera’s and faces recognition machines can trace if restaurant workers are wearing their hygiene gear like caps, gloves, and uniforms.  

As the development in Artificial Intelligence-based Restaurant Management Software is reaching a newer zenith with every innovative outcome, it’s also important that this is used effectively and impactfully for your restaurant. One point conglomerated solution that brings together multiple innovations of the machine learning like user and tastes preference, recommendation engines, analytic solutions, and virtual assistants is what LAALSA offers. Laalsa’s effective restaurant solutions are robust and completely customizable to suit both your restaurant and its customers. Work with us to help your restaurant grow dually in business and in technological innovation.