Innovative Food Truck Ideas

Food trucks are a rage of the modern day across the country. Being a part of an existing societal setup that has seen street food vendors across generations, food trucks are an addition to the fraternity. The flexibility of movable push-carts, kiosks, food wagons, and food truck offer convenience and comfort to both the foodie and the seller too. Mobile food vans are splurging at every lane and street corner, hyping up the temper and still giving a new experience to the customers. The foodies of today are experimental in nature and look for a new experience with every of their dine-out. It’s a challenge to keep up with the trend and still stand out among the crowd of food wagons and kiosks. We have chalked down few of the fool-proof ideas that ideally are a sure shot success when it comes to food trucks or mobile vans.

  • Fast Food

Piping out food served right off the pans and ovens satisfies the cravings of a food truck foodie. Fast food that covers International junk food like burgers, pizzas, noodles etc. can be made almost instantly on order and served fresh. This style of food not only works well for snacks but also diners that are looking at a break from the traditional Indian cuisine that’s served at home. Choose between the nature of fast food and even a mix of multiple dishes to be a sure shot success for a mobile food van.

  • Chat

The famous Indian cuisine of snacking is always been a staple when it comes to road-side vendors and wagons. Chat has almost become comfort food when it comes to a majority of the Indians especially at evening times. A mobile food truck that serves chat can trigger this emotional connection with customers and utilize it as a boon for a food wagon. Chat items are also partially prepared prior but then are cooked and served fresh based on order and taste preference. This customization makes the style of cuisine a bigger hit among foodies.

  • Juices / Drinks

A great idea for on the go grab out is juices or tea or beverages. These are again made simply and instantly based on the user preference and order. Variations in beverages like hot and cold, diet-friendly, juices and milkshakes etc can be explored as variations in the food kiosk menu. Food trucks serving drinks could ideally be located in an existing food market where enough options of food stalls are set up, and customers would like to compliment their meal with tasty drinks.

  • Desserts

A perfect ending to the meal where it is a fine-dine style or a mobile food van style is always with a sweet note. Hence, food trucks that serve intricately baked and layered desserts or frozen ice creams will be thronged by foodies. Traditional ice-cream kiosks have already been a part of almost every city in India. But food trucks that take sweets to the next level would always be welcomed by foodies. Desserts again work in collaboration with a full course meal; hence these trucks should be located aptly.

  • Salads or fresh cuts 

Salad bars are a rage in foreign countries since it’s healthy on the go food style. Nothing better than a well-balanced meal or snack with all the essentials of protein, vitamins, and carbohydrates from vegetables and meats. These salads can either be prepared priorly or plated as per choice and order. Salads would serve as a good option for health-conscious foodies of the modern day. This style of food could also be served both as meals or snacks based on the customer’s preference.

Food business whether being executed in a fine-dining, or restaurant, or take away, or food truck style will have similar nuances and risks too. Thought food trucks are easier to set-up and run with low operational and maintenance costs, they are equally challenging since they work on few effective hours of service but the preparation could extend much more in time and quality.