Online Food Delivery Offers That Are Worth A Steal

Being a restaurant owner that’s competing in the food delivery rat race of today is no piece of a cake walk. The new-found stream of online food delivery is an all-together different ball game when compared to traditional restaurants. It’s competing within a virtual world, that’s targeting possible clientele. For traditional dining, as the customer reaches your restaurant it’s considered as half the battle won since he is now a walk-in that needs to be catered to well in order to make his time memorable. In online food delivery systems, your restaurant is presented alongside multiple options and the customer is free to browse around and take a decision. While he is browsing around, it’s important how you steal this eligible customer through the competition with some steal deals.

As a food delivery engine also, it’s challenging to convert every possible customer into a buyer such that there is a profit recording for both the restaurant and the service provider. Big names like Swiggy, Zomato, Foodpanda, Uber eats and Laalsa is competing in an ever-changing and evolving marketplace in India. Food takeaway dynamics change every day, every hour and even based on location. As a restaurant owner or service provider for a delivery engine it’s important to understand these nuances and offer steal deals that can’t be missed. We help you with our top five innovative and fool-proof ideas for delivery deals.

1. Multiple Restaurants Online Food Delivery

A charming idea that would be very well taken by customers. This not only increases sales for multiple restaurants at one go, but it also attracts the customer in a way that he could customize his order contrasting to traditional dine-out. A starter from a specific restaurant, main course from another and specialty dessert acting as a cherry on the cake seems like a bumper offer that suits the convenience of enjoying the best at your door-step. This also makes it safe for restaurants to work more on their specialties and boost sales accordingly.

2. Payment Options 

A customer is willing to pay-up added charges of spiked dish prices, packaging, and delivery costs just for his convenience of dining at his specific space. For someone who is taking this step ahead, it’s important that food delivery engines support him by providing multiple convenient payment terms and conditions. An option like lazy pay is already explored by multiple service providers. Added options like monthly bill payment on EMI option, account prior recharge and cash back can be offered. This not only attracts the customers for ordering in but also helps in your customer being loyal for added benefits on recurrent orders.

3. Preset Meals 

Customer statistics of his preferences could be shared with enlisted restaurants that would help them in setting preset meals. These preset meals could be also taken as a collaboration of restaurants, such that the best is offered to the customer. A three-course or five-course meal that cuts down the ordeal of individual ordering is always welcomed. This works better for both the customer and the restaurant to help serve better. Along with the items in the preset meal, their quantity should also be customizable such that larger orders are also possible.

4. Preset Timing 

If a customer has a fixed pattern of eating out through food delivery every weekend or ever lunch or dinner, then his pattern could be understood and served accordingly. The customer should be able to preorder his food at a fixed time, order and location. This saves him the turmoil of anticipated rush hour, varied restaurant timings etc. This also helps restaurants understand their sales to help them manage their inventory and service better.

5. The Customized Restaurant Offers 

The fight of delivering engines are very monotonous in nature. The charm of a new offer is taken well by customers initially but fizzles out within no time. It’s important that service providers start analyzing their huge quantum of customer data using AI and Machine Learning in a way that customized offers are run. Customers that are regular could be offered different treats then the rare or first-time orders.  This could help attract more customers such that they fit into memory boxes of restaurants.

As an Online Food Delivery provider, it’s crucial to understand the tips and tricks in holding the created marketplace and buzz. The offers need to be upped every single time to retain the customers. The fierce competition between biggies will soon be added with newer players with better planned and equipped strategies. Both the existing and new players should play their game smartly and tactfully to be able to retain in this otherwise feeble food business marketplace.