Part 1: What Should Every Restaurateur “MANDATORILY DO?”

A restauranteur not only adorns all the six thinking hats stated in Edward De Bono’s theory but also has to be a master of all trades. Juggling between the six hats of De Bono as – Red for Intuitive, White for Information, Yellow for Constructive, Blue for Reflective, Green for Creative and Black for Cautious should not only be a restauranteur’s forte but excelling all of these concepts as a wholesome approach would be his skill that helps the restaurant grow leaps and bounds. An effective approach to a restaurant functioning and service will be an integral aspect for the successful running in both profit marking and happy clients. There are several key factors that should be made obligatory for every food business in the market.

Listing below is top 10 to do pointers –

restaurant billing software 1. SALES

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, Who in this land is fairest of all? Even the number one restaurant in the city, needs to prove its zenith by showing in numbers of foodies that throng the place not only daily but weekly, monthly and even yearly. Recorded Sales help in understanding clientele in various categories that upon analysis will help the eatery to work better and efficiently.

restaurant marketing ideas 2. MARKETING

Again, as important it is to cook and serve good food, it’s equally vital to sing your own praises about it too. An effective marketing plan is not only the face of your eatery but also will help it reach out to the majority in a way you wish it too. Marketing holds up the back-end and the clientele together in a way that it nurtures the growth through awareness and retailing success.

restaurant software


The minute the client has entered your restaurant, he is the king and should be made to feel like that. A warm entry hello greeting, to understanding the client’s occasion and apt seating is the first impression of a warm – affectionate service the eatery gives on. Every client and his needs are different hence need to be interpreted and dealt with unique care and impeccable service.

 4. USP

The Unique selling point of your restaurant can be anything from its location, to the cuisine offered, to the interiors, to the chef or even the style of service. Whatever it may be, the USP needs to remain robust and should be conveyed to the customer as a cherry on the cake. What gives an edge over the competitor and fellow market is always the USP that needs to be also the core for Marketing, Sales and Service.


Finances are always what goes in and what goes out too. So an effective permutation and combination of how money is balanced with the changing costs of procured materials, all fixed over-head expenses like rents and salaries vs. the final pricing laid down for the customer that help register sufficient profits ear-marking an eatery’s success.

restaurant management


The trick of how a monkey balances with a stick on the suspended rope is almost how strategically both a team and clients need to be managed effectively and efficiently. A close-knit team that works together and party’s harder is the backbone for the successful functioning of a restaurant. A happy team when catering and serving out will yield happy clients, all coming together as one wholesome picture perfect moment.

hotel management software solutions

 7. SWOT

A thorough understanding of all aspects related to your eatery will help sustain and strive it out. What are your strengths that you can exploit and bank on, the weakness that would want to nail down and hide, possible opportunities that you could explore and thrive on and last but not the last your threats that worry you but need to be dealt with smartly and proficiently?


Cleanliness is next to Godliness! This should be the mantra for every eatery whatever scale of its service, cuisine and even kind of clientele. Hygiene always ranks number one in the food industry when it comes to concern parameters both by clients and critics. A clean, tidy, neat space, food and service will always be noticed, appreciated and remembered.

 9. EASE

Simplicity is always easy. Whether it comes to understanding a menu – its dishes with correlated pricing, to ordering, to anticipating your food, to relishing your delicacy, to finally paying for your order. Each step involves a certain procedure and outcome that if done correctly would be easy and convenient for both the user and the doer.

hotel management software solutions



The modern-day catalyst – Technology helps the food industry at multiple levels. From supporting the procurement, functioning, management, and sales through efficient POS systems to client interactive mediums all run on varied technologies. Modern-day online-ordering of food, booking a table, planning a party et al. are now done with technology solutions.

Bring together these parameters with of course patience and love that is the key to the successful running of any business and see your eatery not only be the talk of the town but also ring in the necessary monetary profits that are ancillary in any business to thrive.

Part 2: What Should Restaurateur “Definitely not do!!!”